Alexandria Littlejohn

Alexandria Littlejohn

Hometown: Memphis, TN 

Education and Career Background: B.L.S. in Psychology and Counseling (2016) and M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2020) both from The University of Memphis. Following my undergraduate degree, I worked as an intake coordinator for a psychological center here in Memphis. 

Year Started Program: 2020 

Advisor: Dr. Lease 

Research interests: My research interests include LGBTQIA+ and sexual and gender minority communities, underrepresented and underprivileged racial-ethnic groups, and first-generation college student populations. Currently, I am conducting research on anti-racism, allyship, and toxic masculinity. 

Current Research Team Membership: Dr. Davis’ Multicultural Lab and Dr. Lease’s Masculinity and Health Lab 

Graduate Assistantship: I am a research assistant for Dr. Eraina Schauss in the CEPR department. 

Why UofM: I have attended the UofM for many years and obtained two prior degrees from this institution; yet, I have never felt as ‘at home’ as I do in the counseling psychology program. I was primarily drawn to the program due to the emphasis on social justice and diversity, but the variety of faculty research interests and opportunities along with the cohort model make the program feel like a perfect fit for me. Overall, I felt this program would provide me with the necessary support, care, and encouragement to learn, grow, and get the most out of my academic experience. 

Outside interests: I enjoy camping, hiking, traveling to new places, seeing my favorite bands play, playing engine-building board games, and more recently playing any and all Lego video games! If I am not doing one of the previously mentioned activities with my partner, we are likely binge watching our favorite shows with Frank (our husky), Zia, and Bug (our two cats) or spending time with our family and friends!