Cloud Security Coverage tool: MEGHNAD

Many organizations are adopting cloud services to reduce the cost and increase the flexibility of their IT infrastructure. Security requirements are a basic necessity for all service models along with the essential need to satisfy compliance requirements. Moreover, compliance for each service model requires different specific protection for online data such as Accountability, Transparency, Accuracy, Security, and Access. The main focus is to find new methods to manage risk factors and compliance violations in cloud computing security, which the business or companies can utilize to manage processes and decision rights.  MEGHNAD  framework uses a Muti-Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) to find optimal security toolset which also satisfies compliance. It embeds the use of compressive research on different compliance model requirements against each service model along with offering the right combination of security tools for different cloud services and the level of security assurance required. This framework can be used by companies to determine the tools and compliances they need from cloud service providers. This will also provide the companies with an estimate on the cost and insurance for the security tool and the compliance they select. The developed tool will generate a SLA document for the organization to help find the correct required services from the vendor in order to certify the compliance in their industry structure.


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