GenCyber Boot Camp 2017 Gen cyber boot camp 2017


GenCyber Boot Camp Sessions were held daily from 8:30am-4:30pm.

Parent Orientation Summary

Notice: "We will offer multiple training opportunities in 2018. Summer 2018 we will be offering high school students the opportunity to participate in our Cyber Ambassadors Tech Camp. We will be posting more information about this camp on our website. Registration begins April 15th."

Middle School GenCyber Boot Camp is successfully completed.

High School GenCyber Boot Camp is successfully completed.

About the GenCyber Boot Camp

The University of Memphis is excited to host the 2017 GenCyber Boot Camp for middle and high school students. The camp will cover various aspects of Cyber Hygiene and students will learn about privacy, security and safe browsing on the Internet. They will also be introduced to cyber ethics and participate in hands-on sessions that are educational, fun and challenging. There will be opportunities to meet cyber experts and industry professionals.
The week will culminate in a competition where students will demonstrate online activities following best practices. This day camp is funded in part by the National Security Agency through their GenCyber program and there is no cost for attending the camp. 
Students will also learn about Cyber programs at the University of Memphis, a nationally-designated Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance (CfIA). 


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