Cyber Ambassador Tech Camp 2022 Application


Completed 9th Grade?

Have you attended the University of Memphis Cyber Camps in prior years?

Please answer these essays questions fully and thoughtfully. Respond to each question with a short paragraph.

As a Center of Academic Excellence, one of our goals is to offer a quality educational experience for all students attending our summer camp. In order to accomplish this goal, we would like for each applicant to complete a short computer aptitude test. This test will help us determine your level of coding knowledge, algebraic reasoning and problem solving, as this will allow us to accommodate each student’s needs. We encourage you to answer each question to the best of your ability. Selection for the summer camp is not based on your test score and you do not need to have any prior coding knowledge or experience.

1. Alice thinks of a number. She divides it by two and then subtracts 18. After that, she divides that number by 7 and then multiplies the result by 9. She ends with 27. What number did she start with?


2. Two people have an age difference of 14 years. If two years ago, the older was three times the age of the younger, how old are they now? 


3. Assume there are four animals of four different colors lined up in a row. The brown animal is to the right of the cat but might not be next to the cat. The bird is to the right of the dog. The black animal is between the cat and the dog. The snake is not beside the red animal. The cat is white. What is the order and color of the animals? 


4. Look at the chart below. What is C2 * A3 + D4? (* is for multiplication) NOTE: The Row on top and the Column on the left are labels*

  A    B     C     D

1.   15   22    10    4

2.   12   11     8     7

3.    3    16    25   16

4.    9    13     3    14

5. What is the next number in the series? 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, __ 

How many years of programming experience do you have?

What programming languages have you utilized?