Cyber Ambassadors Tech Camp 2022   Cyber Ambassadors Tech Camp

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About the Cyber Ambassador Tech Camps

The University of Memphis is pleased to host the 2022 Cyber Ambassadors Tech Camp for high school students. This camp introduces students to the concepts of Ethical Hacking, Software Patching and Coding. In this summer camp, students will learn about cybersecurity concepts and embedded programming through a series of lectures and hands-on coding experience.

Cyber Ambassadors Tech Camp typically culminates with a short Capture the Flag competition. By the end of the camp, students will have gained enough experience to earn their own Cyber Ambassador emblems.

There is a fee ($25) to attend this camp. Students will only be charged upon acceptance. Phones can be used but pictures are not allowed to be taken on the camp. Space is limited. For more information, call 901.678.4271 or email: mwon@memphis.edu

Cyber Ambassador Tech Camp Archive

The University of Memphis was thrilled to host the 2021 Cyber Ambassadors Tech Camp for high school students. The camp took place June 22-24. It was highlighted by practical examples of the Internet of Things (IoT) while introducing students to the fundamental concepts of Cybersecurity, Ethical Hacking, and Software Coding. A summary report of the event can be found here.