CLION Astroinformatics Project: Visit to ALMA Radiotelescope Array at Atacama Desert, Chile by Dr Robert Kozma (3rd from right) and Dr Paul Werbos, CLION Co-Director (4th from left), with Chilean astrophysicists, engineers, and visitors in the electronics lab of the telescope site.
CLION Astroinformatics Project: Dr Kozma, CLION Director at the ALMA radiotelescope site, Atacama desert at altitude 16,000 ft (5,000m +); with part of the radiotelescope array is in the background. Research aiming at deep space exploration, galaxy formation, supernova explosion detection, among other objectives. Dr. kozma's neuropercolation model has been used successfully to describe and predict supernova behavior.
CLION Brain Networks Project: Group photo attendees of the Parmenides Workshop on dynamic attractor landscapes on Elba Island, Italy; Dr Kozma (4th from the right) is with several world-renowned researchers in the field, including CLION collaborators Dr. Walter J. Freeman (UCB, 2nd from right), Dr. J.A. Scott Kelso (Florida Atlantic U, 3rd from right), Dr. Olaf Spoorns (Indiana U.).
CLION High-Performance Imaging Project: Dr. Georges Furxhi, CLION postdoc, placing a fighter model over the mobile platform in the center of the CLION anechoic radar imaging chamber at FIT, U of Memphis site.
CLION High-Performance Imaging Project: Scenes from the opening of CLION Radar Imaging Lab established based on the collaboration  agreement between AFRL, Sensors Directorate and U of Memphis; Tim Tanigawa, Lead of CLION Radar Lab with Dr Andy Meyers, VP for Research, U of Memphis, inside the anechoic radar chamber.
CLION High-Performance Imaging Project: Scenes from the opening of CLION Radar Imaging Lab; Tim Tanigawa (CLION radar Lab lead) with Dr Andy Meyers, VP for Research and Robert Kozma (CLION Director); with Sergi Consul (CLION EE grad student) looking on in the background.

Welcome to CLION

Welcome to Center for Large Scale Complex Systems & Integrated Optimization Networks. The mission of CLION is the development of innovative solutions to large-scale networks and optimization problems in various defense and civilian applications, and in biomedical research areas.