Strategy Change 2013-2016 
US-German Collaboration on Computational Neuroscience

Brain Network Dynamics 2007-2008 
Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences Program

NSF Graph Workshop 2005-2006
Large Scale Random Graphs Methods for Modeling

Neuropercolation 2002-2006
Percolation models of spatio-temporal dynamics 

UT Health Science Center

iRISE 2015
Collaboration on Imaging Data Modeling and Analysis

Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA)

Superior Artificial Intelligence (2016-2020)
R. Kozma PI, during his visit at University of Massachusetts Amherst

Physical Intelligence, Phase II 2011-2013
Intentional Action-Perception through Random Graph Theory 


Science & Technology Center (STC) 2011-2013 
Center for Large Scale Optimization and Networks

Air Force Research Laboratory

Self-Correcting Multiple Source Classification and Fusion (2019-2020)
AFRL STTR Phase I, with Intelligent Fusion Technology Inc.

ARSIL & AFRL: High Performance Imaging 2011-2012 
Collaboration between University of Memphis and AFRL

AFRL: Layered Sensing (2010-2011) 
AFRL Distributed Sensing & Decision Systems Hanscom 

AFOSR: Mathematics of Cognition 2008-2009 
Neurodynamics of Perception and Cognition

FedEx Institute of Technology

Integrated Platforms and Algorithms for Autonomous Robots (2015-2016)
Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, and Drones 

Complex Warfare Systems 2008-2011 
FedEx Institute of Technology Matching Support

NASA Revolutionary Computing

Autonomous Navigation for Mars Rover SRR-2K  2005
JPL Dynamic Approach for Robot Intelligence and Autonomy

Intentional Robotics 2001-2004 
Self-organizing Ontogenetic Development of Autonomous Agents