Congratulations Seniors! Graduation is near.

Carefully review the following deadlines and instructions required for the graduation process.

Students designing their own degree must have an approved baccalaureate contract by the stated deadlines.

Students seeking alternative credits through ELC, CLEP, DSST, etc. must have credits posted to their University of Memphis transcript prior to their final semester. 

Last Day to File for Graduation

Summer 2023 - April 5, 2023  Fall 2023 - July 5, 2023  Spring 2024 - November 8, 2023


Apply to Graduate

  • Log-in to your student account at http://my.memphis.edu and find the “My Degree” page located in links at the top of your account. (Note: You may have more links in your account than pictured below. Look through all links at the top to find "My Degree")  Click on that link and look for the “Commencement and Graduation” block. Review and complete all steps. 


graduation steps

  • Check your UM email regularly for your Graduation Agreement Packet. Packets will be emailed to qualified students starting the day after the graduation application deadline. Once you complete this packet and return it to our office, this will be the final step in the College of Professional &Liberal Studies graduation process.

    If you missed the deadline to apply for graduation, encounter error messages or have other questions related to this process, please email your Graduation Analyst.