Catalyst Seed Fund

Courtesy of an anonymous donor, the Crews Center Catalyst Seed Fund provides limited amounts of grant funding to help aspiring entrepreneurs overcome minor financial obstacles as they explore or grow their business. Entrepreneurs do not give up equity in their company to receive this funding.

What Will You Fund?

While criteria for Catalyst Seed Funding is relatively loose, the fund is intended to help you eliminate obstacles and move your business forward. Some examples that have been funded in the past:

  • Unexpected launch/construction delays
  • Initial inventory purchases while validating market
  • Equipment needed to launch or further validate business model/market

How Do I Apply for Funding?

You must have a legitimate need and a compelling case for funding. It is important to express what impact the funding will have on your business as well as a proven track record of execution. "Execution" does not necessarily mean generating revenue. It means you have proven that you have the commitment and work ethic it takes to move a startup forward.The best way to do this is by participating in our Venture Development Program where you work one-on-one with us as you develop your company. 

To apply for funding:

  • Develop a Funding Proposal
    • 1-2 page Executive Summary of your company as it stands today
    • Detailed spreadsheet describing the amount you are asking for and exactly how you will spend it
  • Submit Funding Proposal using the button below