Crews Center Student Ambassadors


Tiana Trice
Major: BBA Marketing  |  Minor: Psychology

Tiana Trice is an undergraduate student at the University of Memphis, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Psychology. Trice has an entrepreneurial background and enjoys creating and implementing innovative ideas. She was a part of the 2023 ImagineU cohort at the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship. 


Saloni Patel
Degree: MPH Epidemiology

Saloni Patel is a graduate student at the University of Memphis pursuing a master's in public health with a concentration in epidemiology. Patel is an international student from India with a Dentistry background from her home country. Apart from Healthcare, Saloni also has extensive work experience in branding and social media marketing. As a student at the University of Memphis, Patel is a student leader and participates in the Indian Students Association and Public Health Students Association on campus.  

Patel was a part of the 2023 ImagineU cohort at the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship. This experience granted her a newfound interest in inculcating entrepreneurial mindset to advance healthcare. After graduating in Spring 2025, Patel is aiming to work in cancer control and prevention.  


Moesha J. Henderson
Major: BBA Finance

Moesha J. Henderson is pursuing a degree in finance with a specialized focus in real estate at the University of Memphis. Henderson actively participated in the ImagineU Program hosted by the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship. This engagement significantly enhanced her business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset. For that reason, she not only is further developing a business initiated by ImagineU but is additionally establishing her own company, Moe-Monei Apparel. The profound impact that the ImagineU program had on Henderson encouraged her to take on the role of a Crews Center ambassador. Henderson aims to reach more people and inform them about the benefits of the center.