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ARE You a UofM Alum?  Check out Tiger Link!

The TigerLink system provides current students and graduates of the University with access to job and internship listings, career fair information, on-campus interview schedules, resume and cover letter examples, online practice interviews, and the ability to schedule career advising appointments through an online calendar system. Students will be able to access the system with the same user name and password used for other University resources such as MyMemphis. Graduates of the University may create a TigerLink account by contacting the Career Services office at careerservices@memphis.edu

To access these services, use the following links:
UofM Student and Alumni Login Page: TigerLink
Employer Login Page: TigerLink

PBS Learning Media

Need some great lessons with STEAM in mind for K-12?  Check out Discovery Through Juxtaposition, RISD STEAM

St. Jude Cancer Education for Children Program

The St. Jude Cancer Education for Children Program ("Cure4Kids for Kids") aims to become the leading source of cancer education for students in Kindergarten thru 12th grades. This multilingual program helps school children, their parents and teachers understand the basic science and treatment of cancer. Through the use of age-appropriate content, the program focuses on three main objectives: 1) educating students, parents, teachers and communities about cancer and dispelling common misconceptions; 2) promoting healthy lifestyle choices in children that can help them reduce the risk of developing cancer as adults; and 3) increasing interest in science and scientific careers.

Three children's books, each written at a grade 3-5 reading level, are the foundation of the Cure4Kids for Kids curriculum. With a combination of cartoon-like graphics and real photographs, What Are Cells?, What Is  Cancer?, and What Is Healthy Living? explain that cells, the basic units of life, grow and divide in a controlled way to replace old cells and help things grow. Cancer then can be understood as a disease of unhealthy cells  that grow out of control. Healthy living and cancer prevention are discussed as healthy behaviors than can help prevent and protect cells from damage that would cause them to become unhealthy cancer cells. An interactive website extends the experience beyond the classroom so students can continue to learn about cancer and healthy living wherever they go (Cure4Kids). For teacher resources for this program visit St. Jude Cure4Kids for Teachers (Cure4Kids Teachers).

The TI Robotics Scholarship

Do you help mentor or coach a Robotics Team?  Do you know a high school student involved with robotics competitions - BEST, FIRST, and/or VEX? Now announcing: The TI Robotics Scholarship, in partnership with the REC Foundation! For more information please visit ti.com/robotics and Scholarships, REC Foundation

The Texas Instruments scholarship is offering two (2) $5,000 non-renewable scholaships to two (2) high school seniors intent on pursing a degree related to science, technology, engineering or mathematics in college. 

The second link provided will list 111 additional opportunities available worth a combined total of 2,118,000.00! Dates vary for submission so be watching the websites for updates!


STEMfinity: This is a great comprehensive list of STEM grants from federal sites and corporations with links to each. Lots of K-12 opportunities are listed. Visit stemfinity.com/STEM-Education-Grants

STEM Web Resources for Teachers

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National Science Foundation Classroom Resources:




American Society for Engineering Education

Discovery Through Juxtaposition, RISD STEAM

PBS Design Squad


PBS RISD Lessons

Discovery Through Juxtaposition, RISD STEAM

Computer Science Resources

Computer Science Online - Degree Programs/

Next Generation Science Standards by Grade and Topic


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