Alumni Spotlight: Vivek Shandilya

Posted on 2016-06-30

Vivek Shandilya

Vivek Shandilya, a Ph.D. graduate from Fall 2015, has accepted a tenure track assistant professor position in the Department of Computer Science at Jacksonville University in Florida.

Vivek's research interests involve investigating and establishing structures for the interaction of intelligent agents with conflicting and mutually unknown motivations, in stochastic systems. This problem manifests in optimization and security situations of computational and general bio-socio-economic systems. The work involves mathematical modeling, information theory, and design and analysis of algorithms for learning and optimization. He has co-authored thirteen papers (3 under review), resulting in 216 citations on Google Scholar.

He has been a TA in the Computer Science Department at the U of M (Spring 2011 to Fall 2013), an adjunct instructor at LeMoyne-Owen College (Spring 2015 to Summer 2016), and an intern in the Department of Biostatistics at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (2014).

Working in the Game Theory and Cyber Security (GTCS) Lab under the patient and diligent supervision of Prof. Sajjan Shiva, Vivek completed his M.S. in Spring 2011 before earning his Ph.D. in Fall 2015. The GTCS lab has numerous projects related to security and optimization problems in software systems, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, software testing, and crowd-sourcing.