Purpose of the DEI Committee

  • To increase the diversity of and support for the graduate student population and faculty in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD).
  • To improve cultural competence in the School of CSD to create a sense of belonging for every student.
  • To build awareness of the CSD graduate programs and professions by connecting with HBCUs, local high schools, and other campus programs.

Work of the DEI Committee

  • The committee will work with the admissions committee and the Associate Dean to coordinate student recruitment activities throughout the year.
  • The committee will organize school-wide events that bring DEI issues to the forefront and promote cultural awareness within the school.
  • The committee will organize and/or attend events to raise awareness of the CSD professions and programs to diverse populations.
  • Any proposals that affect curricula or require larger changes to School structure or function must be written up as a formal proposal and sent through the appropriate review and approval processes.