Consideration of curricular requests at the University level ordinarily takes place once a year so that the requests may be reviewed in relation to each other and from the perspective of University programs as a whole. The procedures, formats, and summaries direct attention to the details and consistency that are necessary for such planning. The Curricular Procedures Handbook does not address the philosophy of curriculum but the process employed to gain approval of the curriculum.

Consultation with Academic Affairs staff early in the planning process for new programs will expedite that process:

  • For assistance with undergraduate curriculum and programs, contact the office of the Vice Provost, Academic Innovation & Support Services (2894).
  • For assistance with graduate curriculum and proposals, contact the Dean of the Graduate School (4653).

Curricular requests at the undergraduate level are submitted to the office of the Vice Provost, Academic Innovation & Support Services. Curricular requests at the graduate level are submitted to the Vice Provost for Graduate Programs. Familiarity with the Curricular Procedures Handbook should assist curriculum committees at both levels in the preparation of curricular requests in a manner that will facilitate the review process.