About The Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Established in October 2018, The Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion (CWDI) serves as a catalyst for enhancing understanding of workplace diversity and inclusion matters, and immersing evidence-based diversity and inclusion practices into organizations. The CWDI provides research support, educational seminars and workshops, and consulting services such as diversity audits and ally trainings meant to enhance knowledge and skill sets needed to develop and navigate healthy diverse and inclusive organizations.

Our Mission

To our University of Memphis and Fogelman College of Business and Economics partners, we stand behind the Dean's mission to:

  1. maintain access for diverse students to business education through affordable tuition and deliberate connections with high schools and community colleges.
  2. magnify diversity of thought and perspective through inclusive hiring practices and workplace diversity and inclusion training.
  3. develop purposeful programming to support the graduation success of diverse students.

We intend to work together with the dean, college, and university to provide guidance and expertise in moving forward with addressing changes within the college and across campus to increase racial equity and inclusion.


The CWDI works to empower scholars to produce high-quality diversity & inclusion (D&I) research; enrich the educational experience related to management and business administration, and engage the community in awareness and implementation of evidence-based D&I practices.