Reduced Course Load - Full-Time Status

Issued: May 3, 2011

Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Student Affairs

Responsible Office: Disability Resources for Students

Policy Statement
Undergraduate students with disabilities are eligible to request special status which, if approved, would allow them to take a reduced course load of not less than nine (9) hours while maintaining a full time status, so long as such reduced course load does not affect the academic integrity of the program in which a student is enrolled.

Approval of reduced course load/full time status (RL/FT) is not a permanent status, but must be requested and re-evaluated each semester to determine the impact of the student's disability in relation to the demands of his/her course schedule.

Students approved for RL/FT are entitled to all University services and privileges enjoyed by full time students, except in situations controlled by external entities not bound by this policy.

If the student drops below the approved number of hours for RL/FT, the full time status will no longer be in effect.

Students approved for RL/FT are held to the same academic requirements and standards for satisfactory academic progress as apply to other students.

Deadlines for requesting RL/FT are August 1 for Fall semester and January 2 for Spring semester. The Request Form and all supporting documentation must be received in Disability Resources for Students by these dates.

Confidentiality of disability information is protected by the American's with Disabilities Act and records pertaining to the RL/FT status are subject to FERPA regulations.

To provide full time status to students with significant disabilities who, as a direct result of disability, are unable to carry a full course load and, consequently, to enable them to participate fully in the benefits and privileges afforded full time students.

Request for Reduced Course Load/Full Time Status. The student must submit to his/her Disability Resources for Students Coordinator a Request for Reduced Course Load/Full Time Status Form along with supporting medical and/or psychological documentation that is recent enough to evaluate the current impact of the disability. Medical and psychological information must meet existing documentation guidelines established by Disability Resources for Students. Other applicable supporting documents may be provided with the application in addition to the medical and/or psychological information. Depending on the nature of the disability, the student may or may not be asked to provide updated medical and/or psychological information for re-evaluation in subsequent semesters.

Evaluation and Determination. The Disability Services Coordinator will submit the student's Request Form and supporting documentation, along with a recommendation for approval or disapproval, to the Director of Disability Resources for Students. The Director of Disability Resources for Students will evaluate the application and supporting documentation in terms of the impact of the disability and the demands of the student's proposed schedule and will determine if the request is justified.

Notification of Possible Impact. If the request is approved, the Director of Disability Resources for Students will inform the student in writing of the possible impact a reduced load may have on internal and external areas not bound by the approval. The student will be required to sign this statement acknowledging that he/she has been informed.

Notification to Appropriate Departments. The Director of Disability Resources for Students will provide notification of the RL/FT approval to the following entities: Director of Financial Aid, Dean of Students, the student's advisor and, when applicable, the Director of Athletic Academic Services.

Appeal. If the request is denied, the student may appeal the Director's decision first to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Student Development and then, if necessary, through the Student Appeal Procedure for Discrimination which is published in the Student Handbook.

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