About DRS Office

Disability Resources for Students (DRS) arranges, coordinates and provides academic accommodations and support services for qualified students with disabilities. DRS also provides disability awareness training to faculty and staff, promotes architectural and program access on campus, and represents the interests of students with disabilities on various campus committees.

To receive disability related accommodations and services, students must first register with Disability Resources for Students and provide current and appropriate medical and/or psycho-educational documentation which identifies the specific nature and extent of a qualifying disability, including the functional limitations currently imposed by the disability.


In accordance with the University values of diversity and inclusion, DRS collaborates with the campus community to design an inclusive and accessible environment for students with disabilities to encourage maximum engagement and interaction. We do this through innovative programming, education, consultation, and accommodation.

DRS Goals

  • Assist students to establish a connection to the University of Memphis.
  • Improve student access to and use of Assistive Technology (AT) to increase academic access and success.
  • Assist students to identify, develop and demonstrate the career competencies necessary for success in their chosen fields.
  • Promote knowledge and understanding of disability across the University of Memphis community.
  • Increase retention and graduation rates of students with disabilities through intentional coaching.