Campus Access

The University of Memphis is basically a pedestrian campus with interior travel ways and parking around the periphery of the campus. The campus is relatively level with accessible travel ways throughout most of the campus. Most buildings are accessible with the use of ramps, elevators, and accessible parking. All accessible entrances are designated by the international access symbol and all other building entrances are marked with directional signage to the nearest accessible entrance. Elevators used for accessibility purposes are public elevators and do not require keys. The University continually works toward its long range plan to improve campus accessibility

A railroad track runs through the campus on the South side separating the Recreation and Fitness Building, South Hall, Newport Hall, the Athletic Office, the Alumni Center and the Southern Parking Lot from the main part of the campus. There is currently no accessible route across the railroad track, although construction of an accessible pathway is set to begin soon. In addition, construction of a new Student Recreation and Fitness Center will be combined with a pedestrian bridge across the railroad tracks. Students with mobility impairments using this side of the campus may travel by personal vehicle across the tracks or ride The Blue Line, which has several routes, including one traveling to and from the main part of the campus to the southern part of the campus.


As a result of the current construction on campus, pedestrian travel routes will be fenced off and rerouted from time to time. Students who wish to be notified of such alterations should provide their e-mail address to DRS so that notification can be made as soon as the information is received from Physical Plant and Planning.

The following is a link to various maps of the UofM campus, including a map of accessible parking and accessible building entrances: