High School Based Dual Enrollment

2022 Fall Guide for Program Coordinators

Fall 2022 Dual Enrollment Fee Sheet

  • Please follow the checklist guidelines when assembling the Dual Enrollment documents for your students. Documents should not be submitted for students who do not meet the requirements for Dual Enrollment. Please send complete information for each student. Remember you can send documents electronically to the Admission Office through sendEDU or another electronic transcript service.
  • Information should be turned in as soon as possible before the stated deadline. When possible, send information in April/May for those students who want to participate in the Fall program. 
  • Students do not need to reapply for the subsequent semesters while attending as a Dual Enrolled student. This means no applications, transcripts, test scores or health forms need to be resubmitted for students who are currently enrolled. This includes juniors who were enrolled for the fall/spring and are now seniors still participating in the program. Students do, however, need to submit an application for admission as a freshman if they are applying as a degree seeking student after high school graduation. The application fee will be due at that time.
  • Please supply your contact information (email/telephone) when you submit the documents.
  • Please submit a ROSTER with each student’s name, and course (s) in which the student will be enrolled.