Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase Duty of the Hour?

Duty of the Hour is currently only available for purchase by educational institutions because of copyright restrictions that apply to certain music and archival footage used in the film.

The Hooks Institute would like Duty of the Hour and its other films to be available for purchase by the public. While the Hooks Institute owns and archives almost all of the interviews of people who appear in its film, the Hooks Institute also purchases from others photographs, music, and other archival materials to help create documentaries that a historically compelling, interesting and accurate. Because of the costs of these materials, providing the film to the public is, at this time, prohibitively expensive.

Is Duty of the Hour is available for purchase by Educational Institutions?

Yes. A DVD of Duty of the Hour is available for purchase by educational institutions from the Official Bookstore of the University of Memphis. (Link to site will be added soon!).

When will Duty of the Hour be broadcast in Memphis and other cities?

Those in the Memphis broadcast area should periodically check the local TV listings for broadcast of Duty of the our on WKNO (Channel 10) and WKNO-2 (Channel 10-2). Duty of the Hour will also be broadcast in other markets throughout the United States. As these broadcasts take place in other markets, the Hooks Institute will post the initial broadcasts dates in those markets on its Facebook page and on this website.

How can I help the Hooks Institute fund its documentaries and other programs?

The Hooks Institute documentary productions are part of the portfolio of programs of the Institute that facilitate the Hooks Institute's mission of teaching, studying, and promoting civil rights and social change. The Hooks Institute relies heavily on donor and grant dollars to fund its programs. Every dollar contributed helps the Hooks Institute create interesting and informative programs that are intended to foster flourishing and inclusive communities.

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