Associate Professor, Department of Economics

FCB 415
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JOAQUIN LOPEZ, Associate Professor,  Department of Economics



Ph.D. Economics - University of Chicago - 2014
M.A. Economics - University of Chicago - 2010
M.Sc. Economics - University of Texas at El Paso - 2004
Licenciatura Economics - Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León - 2002

Areas of research:

Economic growth, development, public finance, labor, law and economics

Areas of teaching:

Macroeconomics, economic growth, economic development, international economics.


1st Place (Tie)     López, J. J., & Torres, J. (2020). Size-dependent policies, talent misallocation, and the return to skill. Review of Economic Dynamics, 38, 59-93

“Civil Rights Enforcement and the Racial Wage Gap,” with Jamein Cunningham, AEA Papers & Proceedings,
vol. 111, 196–200, May 2021.

“Size-Dependent Policies, Talent Misallocation, and the Return to Skill,” with Jesica Torres, Review of
Economic Dynamics, vol. 38, 59–93, October 2020.

“Advertising for Consideration,” with Carmen Astorne-Figari and Aleksander Yankelevich, Journal of
Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 157, 653–669, January 2019.

“Financial Frictions and Aggregate Productivity: Evidence from Mexico,” Quarterly Review of Economics
and Finance, vol. 66, 294–301, November 2017.

 “A Quantitative Theory of Tax Evasion,” Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 53, 107–126, September 2017.

“An Evaluation of Real-time Forecasting Performance across 10 Western U.S. States,” with Keith R. Phillips,
Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, vol. 34, No. 2-3, 2009.

“Error Correction Exchange Rate Modeling for Mexico: 1980-2001,” with Thomas M. Fullerton, International
Journal of Applied Econometrics and Quantitative Studies, Vol.2-3, 2005.

Working papers:

"A Jury of One’s Peers: The Effect of the Civil Rights Act of 1991 on Jury Trials”

“Surgeons’ Response to Reimbursement Changes for Alternative Procedures: Evidence from Spine Fusion in
the U.S.,” with Nicholas Benson

“Modeling Progressive Taxation”

“Entrepreneurship and Rent Seeking under Credit Constraints”

Work in progress:

“Civil Rights Enforcement and Intergenerational Mobility among Minorities," with Jamein Cunningham.

“Racial Divisions and Police Violence," with Jamein Cunningham.

“Lynchings and the Enforcement of Civil Rights", with Carl Magnus Bjuggren, Jamein Cunningham, and
Jhacova Williams.

“Court Partisanship and Civil Rights Case Outcomes,” with Jamein Cunningham