Graduate Certificate in Economic Analytics

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Economic Analytics will help managers translate data into models to make forecasts and to support decision-making in a wide variety of fields, ranging from macroeconomics to finance and marketing. It will provide the tools to be a "tech" economist, using econometrics and big data to solve business problems. The program requires completion of 12 semester credit hours specified for this program. Current graduate students may pursue this program while also seeking an MSBA or MBA degree. Non-degree seeking graduate students must meet the admission requirements of the University and College.

Admission Requirements

  1. Same as College and University requirements.
  2. The certificate can be pursued concurrently with other graduate programs at the University.
  3. Non-degree seeking students may also pursue this certificate program of study. To be approved for the program, these students must submit evidence of non-degree-seeking status, along with the completed application form, to the Department of Economics for review.
  4. Acceptance into the certificate program is not an implied acceptance into any master's degree program.

Program Requirements

The certificate program requires completion of 4 courses (12 credit hours), chosen from the list of courses that follows:

Required courses

  • BA 7503 - Advanced Business Analytics
  • ECON 6120 - Economic Forecasting
  • ECON 6315 - Applied Macroeconomics
  • ECON 6820 - Econometrics
  • ECON 7100 - Econ for Global Executive **

Graduation Requirements

  1. To obtain the certificate, a student must complete all four of the required courses with an average grade of 3.0 (B) or higher, for a total of 12 credits.
  2. In the semester of completion, the student must submit an Intent to Graduate Form to the Graduate School and a Graduate Certificate Candidacy form to the College Director of Graduate Studies by the deadline specified by the Graduate School.

Course Descriptions

Please see the University of Memphis catalog.

Contact Us

To apply or request more information, please contact:

Dr. William T. Smith
901.678.2785 | email

To apply, please visit the Graduate Admissions website.

* Means that a class can be substituted out to replace that class, if given permission.

** Means the course can be offered online some semesters.