PhD in Business Administration with concentration in Economics

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The Economics concentration in the PhD program provides students with both the theoretical background and strong empirical skills necessary to be a professional economist. The strong analytical skills and extensive training in empirical methods using the latest econometric software make our graduates highly sought after. Recent graduates have found employment opportunities at Fortune 500 firms, government agencies and major Universities.

The Economics Department has a very productive faculty conducting research in many areas, including health economics, social capital, international economics, macroeconomic theory and industrial organization. Faculty and graduate students have access to excellent computing facilities and data sources for research. Graduate Assistantships provide an opportunity for students to interact with faculty and often lead to joint research projects and publications in scholarly journals.  Publications have appeared in leading economics journals including the American Economic Review, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Labor Economics, Health Economics, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, and Journal of Banking and Finance. In addition, faculty and graduate assistants are active in sponsored research projects that lead to reports for government organizations like the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress and studies for private corporations like Federal Express. The Bureau of Business and Economic Research also provides professional opportunities for students and faculty alike. Further, the department hosts a research seminar allowing visiting scholars to present the latest research on topics of interest to faculty and students.

The basic curriculum includes macroeconomic theory, microeconomic theory and a research core including statistics and econometrics.  Students then focus on a field of interest such as health economics or international economics, among others.  All students in the PhD program then add a minor field, which may be outside of economics.  Recent students have selected minors ranging from finance, to statistics, to sociology, depending on their professional interests and specific career plans.  More detailed information about the all aspects of the program is provided in the PhD Handbook produced by the Economics Department.

With a strong curriculum and supportive faculty, students receive the highest quality education in contemporary economics.  Graduate research and teaching assistantships provide hands on experience and financial support as well.  The end result is a graduate with excellent analytical skills and strong training in empirical methods that give our graduates a competitive edge in today's global labor market.


Course Requirements

  • A total of at least 72 credit hours of classes:
    • Core Courses ( 27 credit hours)
      • Economic Theory
        • ECON 6315: Applied Macroeconomics
        • ECON 7300: Econ Theory & Decisions
        • ECON 8310: Adv Microeconomics I
        • ECON 8320: Adv Macroeconomics I
      • Quantitative Methods and Econometrics
        • ECON 6810: Quant Economic Analysis
        • ECON 8125: Appl Stat Mthds for Bus & Econ
        • ECON 8810: Econometrics I
        • ECON 8811: Applied Microeconometrics
        • ECON 8812: Time Series Econometrics
    •  Electives in Economics (minimum 27 credit hours)
      • ECON 8120: Adv Quant Econ Analysis
      • ECON 8126: Economic Forecasting
      • ECON 8130: Industrial Organization
      • ECON 8175: Intnl Trade/Pol
      • ECON 8176: Intnl Monetary Thry/Pol
      • ECON 8210: Labor Economics
      • ECON 8313: Econ Rist & Uncertainty
      • ECON 8321: Adv Macroecon II
      • ECON 8322: Monetary Theory & Pol
      • ECON 8710: Health Care Economics
      • ECON 8711: Appl Health Care Econ
      • ECON 8712: Pharmaceutical Econ
      • ECON 8720: Econ Public Sector
    •  Dissertation Hours (minimum 6 credit hours; maximum 18 credit hours)

For details about PhD in Economics including admission process, refer to PhD Handbook.

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Dr. Joonhyung Lee
Ph.D. Program Coordinator, Economics
Email: jlee17@memphis.edu