Eat Like an Egyptian


Just like us, the Ancient Egyptians liked to eat. But they also thought they would need to have good things to eat and drink after they died. The ancient Egyptians believed that they could use magic to provide themselves with food in the afterlife. One way they thought to obtain food was by placing an offering table in their tombs. 

Additional Materials: coloring supplies, scissors (optional), glue (optional)


Eat Like an Egyptian


Read about food in Ancient Egypt here and then print out an offering table. Use one of the following links to open a downloadable PDF. Click here for an offering table with a girl, and here for an offering table with a boy. After you've printed out your offering table you can add your own food.

You can use these shape outlines--print them out and color them or you can draw your own.

If you have any old magazines or grocery ads, you can also cut out images and glue them to the page.