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The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology is a Tennessee Center of Excellence. It is a component of the Department of Art at The University of Memphis, in Memphis, Tennessee (USA). The IEAA is dedicated to the study of the art, history and culture of ancient Egypt through teaching, research, exhibition, and community education.


The Egyptian Gallery is OPEN. 

Important Safety Guidelines for your museum visit: masks and social distancing are strongly recommended. Please wear a face mask when indoors at all times.


Honoring Professor Fred Albertson on His Retirement

Fred Albertson

2020 marked the retirement of Dr. Fred Albertson after more than thirty years as a distinguished professor of classical art and archaeology in the Art Department of the University of Memphis. We will miss his presence as a colleague and our graduates will remember him with gratitude as an inspiring teacher and motivational mentor.

As professor emeritus at the University of Memphis, Dr. Albertson retains his university email address and can be reached at falbrtsn@memphis.edu for those wishing to send him congratulations and best wishes.



Events and Programs for Spring 2022

For more information about these events visit the IEAA Events page, or select highlighted text in one of the events below.

  • Eighteenth Annual Legacy of Egypt Lecture
    Join us on Thursday, April 14, 2022, for a video presentation by Dr. Heba Abd Elsalam, Visiting Scholar at Middle Tennessee State University. Her lecture documents her successful projects to connect the community in Minya, Egypt, with the nearby ancient monuments at Beni Hassan and Tuna el-Gebel. Interpretive methods such as living history story-telling and engagement with crafts with ancient antecedents also proved effective in engaging the community as stakeholders in the appreciation and preservation of these monuments and in bringing more visitors to the Mallawi Museum in Minya.

  • AnubisAncient Egypt Family Day on the Internet

  • Join us for a fun and FREE online public event with lots of fun and interesting activities for all! Content will be available from April 18 through September 30, 2022.
    This year we also have links to resources for educators and parents.


Professor in the News - The New York Times

Golden MummiesDr. Lorelei H. Corcoran, Professor and Director of the Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology, was quoted in the NY Times article, “Archaeologists Find Mummies with Golden Tongues,” a feature in the Science Section, February 3, 2021. An expert on Egyptian mummies of the Roman period, Dr. Corcoran was consulted to comment on the recent discovery at the Egyptian site of Taposiris Magna of mummies with gilded tongues found during the Egyptian-Dominican excavation in search of the remains of Cleopatra VII and Marc Antony.

(Photo Credit: The New York Times)


The Pharaohs' Golden Parade


On April 3, 2021, 22 royal mummies, 18 kings and 4 queens, left the Egyptian Museum on Cairo's Tahrir Square for their new home at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in a parade that wound through Cairo.

Watch the full parade and celebration here!

Dr. Suzanne Onstine, Associate Professor in the Department of History, was interviewed about the parade on the BBC. Listen to hear her thoughts about the significance of the event. 



Yegegi shrine by IEAA on Sketchfab

Virtual Exhibition of Egyptian Artifacts in 3D!

Dr. Joshua Roberson, assistant professor of Art History, is working on a project to develop new skills and techniques for creating three dimensional (3D) images for research and teaching. He is compiling a pilot sample using artifacts in the IEAA collection. The images can be manipulated by the viewer to see all sides of an object. 

Click here to see six more 3D images of IEAA antiquities on Sketchfab.


Suckling Scene of Ramesses II from the Temple of Seti I at Abydos

Art History Student Wins University of Memphis Award!

Cannon Fairbairn, M.A. student in Art History, received 2nd place honors in the University of Memphis's 2020 Student Research Forum for her presentation, "Communicating Power Through Iconography: A Suckling Scene from the Temple of Seti I at Abydos." She also presented a poster on her research at the 2020 annual meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt. Congratulations Cannon!

(Line Drawing by Auguste Mariette, 1869)


Online Video Archive

Video Resources

Past Online Events
Past lectures sponsored by the IEAA are available on the CCFA Memphis YouTube page or in the IEAA Online Events Archive.

Videos of Egyptian Artifacts
University of Memphis graduate students in Art History create videos of objects in the IEAA's Egyptian collection. As part of a class assignment under the guidance of Dr. Lorelei Corcoran, three students each selected, researched and produced a short video on an ancient Egyptian object. Watch these videos on the University of Memphis' YouTube page or in IEAA Collections Videos