The Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology, (hereafter IEAA), as part of its mandate as a Tennessee Center of Excellence, and to fulfill its research and teaching objectives, is engaged with various field projects in Egypt. Currently, the IEAA supports an epigraphic survey in the Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt, and the Theban Tomb 16 project among the Tombs of the Nobles at Thebes (west bank at Luxor).

The Institute also maintains a research library to support research, educational and scholarly activity related to ancient Egypt on the campus of the University of Memphis.

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Hypostyle HallPreserving The Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak

Dr. Peter J. Brand, Professor of History, Department of History, The University of Memphis is Director of the Karnak Great Hypostyle Hall Project. The goal of the project is to record all inscriptions and images on the walls and columns of the Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak.





PanehsyTheban Tomb 16 Project

Dr. Suzanne L. Onstine, Associate Professor of History, Department of History, is Director of the University of Memphis Mission to Theban Tomb 16. Since 2008, the project has studied the 19th dynasty tomb of Panehsy and the secondary burials in it through epigraphy, archaeology, and forensic studies of the human remains. Excavations are complete and the project has unearthed hundreds of bones and mummy fragments that need to be analyzed.