Ancient Egyptian Mobile

Use these images inspired by Egyptian art to create a fun mobile you can hang in your home. The images are black and white, but you can make them colorful!

Additional Materials: scissors, string, coat hanger, hole punch, coloring supplies


Directions:Egyptian Mobile

Click here to open a downloadable PDF of the activity.

You can create the mobile by printing the images from the PDF and cutting them out, or you can use these outlines to better decorate the shapes. These outlines can also be traced onto construction paper for additional color. If you would like to make your images sturdier, try gluing them to thicker paper (like construction paper)

After printing out your images, decorate them however you'd like. 

Cut out your decorated pictures and punch a hole toward the top.

Cut a piece of string or yarn and tie one end through the punched hole and the other end to the hanger.