Dendara - Temple of Hathor

Dendara temple relief

Ptolemaic King and Queen Making Offerings to a Divinity.

The exterior walls of the Temple of Hathor are covered with sunk relief carvings dating from the late Ptolemaic and Roman Periods. The western corner of the south wall is notable for its representation of Cleopatra VII Philopator (51-30 C.E.) and Ptolemy XV Caesar [Caesarion; 36-30 C.E.], Cleopatra's son by Julius Caesar. Traditional of ancient Egypt are the gender roles portrayed in which Cleopatra, a mature ruler, follows her young titular co-regent.

This picture also illustrates some traditional Egyptian architectural features. The pylon-shape of the back wall of the Temple of Hathor, with its battered (slanted) walls and rounded corners, are reminiscent of Egypt’s past when mudbrick, wood, and reeds were the principal construction materials. The outward-curving cavettocornice at the top is another typically Egyptian element

From the pylon of the Hathor temple; sandstone, carved in sunk relief and painted.