Giza - Great Pyramid of Khufu

Great Pyramid of Khufu

The Great Pyramid of Khufu.

The jagged edges of the Pyramid of Khufu [Cheops; c.2585-2560 B.C.E.] reveal the lack of the original smooth veneer of fine Tura limestone. This exterior stone covering was "quarried" away through the centuries to be used in other building projects. Only the Pyramid of Khafre [Chephren; c.2555-2532 B.C.E.] retains a small cap of its original veneer. The car and the people at the base of the pyramid provide a sense of scale. This view is from the southeast.

Entrance to Great Pyramid

Entrance to the Great Pyramid.

From a distance, a climb to the top of the Pyramid of Khufu would seem to be very tempting. However, once one is next to the pyramid, the prospect of a climb seems less inviting. Some levels of limestone are over three feet in height. On the right side of this picture, one can see the present-day entrance into the pyramid. This entrance, according to legend, was opened in the 9th century C.E. and is located on the north side of the pyramid, just below the original entrance (middle of picture). It leads to a corridor which ascends to the Grand Gallery.