Egyptology Grad Student WWW Sites: General Resources & Links

These web sites have links to many other Egypt-related sites on the Internet.

Egyptology Resources

Current news, e-mail addresses, institutional and personal web sites, and much more. Maintained by Dr. Nigel Strudwick.

Griffith Institute, Oxford

Griffith Institute archive, publications, 19th century photographs of Egypt, Tutankhamun archive, etc.

Egypt Page (African Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania)

Links to numerous on-line resources related to Egypt, both ancient and modern.


Links to "The Best Egypt Links on the Web."

Guardian's Egypt

Links to both popular and scholarly web sites about Egypt.


This web site is dedicated to descriptions of ancient Egyptian tombs.

NOVA Online, PBS, Pyramids

Web site associated with a television program detailing ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Spirit and Stone - Old Kingdom Architecture

This web site is dedicated specifically to Old Kingdom Architecture.

Oxford Expedition Scene Details

This web site is a database devoted to a wide array of scenes from Old Kingdom monuments.


A detailed guide to the archaeological sites of the Nile Valley and desert areas of Egypt.

Deir el Medina Database

This database is meant to be an intermediate presentation of the ongoing research project: A Survey of the New Kingdom Non-literary Texts from Deir el-Medina of Leiden University.


A web site devoted to travel in north Africa and the Middle East.

SERAT database of Ritual Scenes

A German online database of ritual scenes from many of the temples and tombs of ancient Egypt.

H.W. Müller Photo Archive (German)

This web site is a photographic archive of ancient Egyptian artifacts with a catalogue description of each artifact.

Ägyptologischen Datenbank, AHA, Berlin (Germany)

A German research database for Egyptologists.

Cairo Islamic Monuments

A web site devoted to the numerous Islamic monuments throughout Cairo.