Illicit Discharge

The University of Memphis is committed to protecting streams and rivers through compliance with requirements of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). As a part of that commitment, the University employees, students, visitors, and contractors are prohibited from discharging non-storm water into the storm drains and into streams. Therefore, the U of M has set in place an Illicit Discharge and Detection Elimination Policy in support of our commitment.

Click here to view the U of M Illicit Discharge and Detection Elimination Policy. (coming soon)

What are illicit discharges?
An illicit discharge is any discharge to the stormwater system that is not composed entirely of stormwater, unless specifically permitted under a State or Federal Stormwater Program.

Examples of illicit discharge:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Construction waste (debris, sludge, etc.)
  • Paint
  • Oil
  • Litter

What is NOT an illicit discharge:

  • Water line flushing
  • Landscape irrigation
  • Diverted stream flows (permitted)
  • Rising ground water
  • Uncontaminated groundwater infiltration
  • Uncontaminated pumped groundwater
  • Discharges from potable water sources
  • Foundation drains, air condition condensation
  • Irrigation water
  • Springs
  • Water from crawl space pumps
  • Footing drains
  • Lawn watering
  • Individual, residential car washing
  • Flows from riparian habitats and wetlands
  • Dechlorinated swimming pool discharges
  • Street wash waters
  • Discharges resulting from firefighting activities

How to report an illicit discharge at the U of M

  • If you suspect an illicit discharge or observe improper disposal practices, notify the U of M Sustainability Office at 901.678.5543 or 901.678.2699 during normal business hours. For after-hours notify U of M Police Services at 901.678.3848.
  • At your earliest convenience please fill out and submit the form below of the suspected illicit discharge so we may keep it for our records.

Click here for reporting illicit discharge form.