UofM Official Student Email Signature

This easy-to-use form helps faculty, staff and students create a standard email signature including contact details and the appropriate academic seal or university logo.

Review the guidelines below, complete the form and a custom email signature will be displayed. Fill in as much information as you want or leave the field blank if you don't want it included.

Copy the signature and follow the step by step instructions on how to upload it to Outlook.

Choose your signature

List your name how you like to be addressed. Do not use a formal name if you do not go by it.
When applicable, professional designations or certifications may be placed directly after your name.
Ex: Freshman | Computer Science
Ex: Class of 2023
Ex: Association for Computing Machinery
Ex: she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs


Select your social media platform and fill out the URL.

Generated Email Signature

Guidelines for Use

  • Content within the signature can be edited, but no additions can be made. The template cannot be altered.

  • You can choose to include a cell or fax number instead of a website, or an email address instead of a mailing address.

  • If you are using a mobile device that does not support HTML signatures, use an example of these text-only options:

    Tom Tiger
    Title | Optional Secondary Title

    The University of Memphis
    100 Administration Building | Memphis, TN 38152
    901.678.1234 | memphis.edu


Social Media Icons

  • The icons shown currently link to the UofM's social media. If you would like to change these to represent your department or college platforms, please refer to the instructions page for details. 

  • Icons must retain the same shape and blue color.

  • Social media icons that link to non-University sponsored accounts are permitted but must be related to one's field of study or for academic use and approved by External Relations. These requests can be made to logo@memphis.edu.


Guidelines for Composing an Email

To ensure a consistent brand image, please follow these guidelines when creating an email:

  • The email background should be white with no graphics added.

  • Type should be Calibri font, black text and between 12-16 pt font size.

  • Additional text within the signature area is prohibited.

  • For additional support, contact mktgweb@memphis.edu.



Select the necessary instructions below to view a step-by-step guide outlining how to upload the signature into Outlook. If you are using an email platform not listed, contact mktgweb@memphis.edu.