Executive MBA Council Updates

Fellow Executive MBA Alumni:

The Executive MBA Alumni Advisory Council was formed three and half years ago with a simple idea in mind, to service and protect all Executive MBA Alumni's degrees. In that time, the Council has been relentlessly dedicated to continuously enhancing the value of the Fogelman Executive MBA degree, serving as a consistent source of valuable feedback while supporting the program in any way possible.

First, here is the Council's mission:

The mission of the Executive MBA Alumni Advisory Council at The University of Memphis is to advise, promote, and actively support the Executive MBA Program in achieving its mission of becoming the premier graduate level program in the Mid-South that contributes meaningfully to the alumni and business community.

The Council's strategic objectives require a partnership of the Executive MBA Program, students, and alumni. In order to achieve the Council's purpose and fulfill the mission, the Council has to ensure four main points are attained and maintained:

  1. Faculty remain academically and professionally current in their fields

  2. Curriculum reflects the current and future needs of the business community,

  3. Students are exposed in meaningful ways to executive business theory, practice, and practical application, and

  4. The Executive MBA Program strengthens its brand value to increase exposure in the community.

Thus, the Council has formed three committees with specific roles to proactively support its strategic objectives and the Executive MBA Program. The committees are Alumni and Business Community Engagement, Program Content, and Recruitment. In future posts, the committee's mission statements and how they support the Program and alumni will be detailed.

Best Regards,

Jason Lee
Chairman: Executive MBA Alumni Advisory Council


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                                                                       Christy Cornell ('00); Scott Wilson ('15); Chris Smith ('13); Richard Williamson ('13)

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