Tuition & Fees

Executive MBA students at The University of Memphis Fogelman College of Business and Economics pay graduate tuition (out of state tuition if applicable) and fees, in addition to the Executive MBA course fee. This additional Executive MBA course fee for the 17-month program is $870.00 per credit hour and covers the following expenses: textbooks, tutoring assistance, printed materials and simulations, library and database access, software, most meals while classes and residencies are in session, lodging for all residencies, premium parking, special events and receptions, and airfare for the international residency. The total estimated cost of the program including tuition and fees for a current in-state student is $58,000.00 (if classified as an out-of-state student, out-of-state tuition would be assessed each semester). Tuition and fees for the incoming Class of 2021 will be finalized in July 2020.

Tuition and fees are due by a specified due date each term and can be paid on TigerXpress to avoid deletion of classes. For additional fee payment information, please visit the University & Student Business Services website.

For those who need flexibility in making payments, the university has an Installment Payment Plan (IPP). IPP is offered for the Fall and Spring terms to qualified students to help satisfy payment requirements by the appropriate fee payment deadline. This plan allows students to pay an initial down payment of 25% of the student's balance after all financial aid (student loans), scholarship, and/or third party assistance award amounts have been applied. The remaining fee balance is due in three separate installments. The installment plan is not available during Summer enrollment. To further review information on fee payment deadlines, payment plan options, and/or accepted forms of payment, please visit the University & Student Business Services website.

*Border County Tuition Waiver Plan

To qualify for in-state tuition as a Border County student, you must have proof of residence in one of the following counties: Crittenden County, AR; DeSoto County, MS; Marshall County, MS; Tunica County, MS; and Tate County, MS. please review this page for more details.

250-R Program

The Tennessee Board of Regents has approved The University of Memphis to offer a reduced out-of-state tuition for graduate students who live within 250 miles of the university. For additional information, please contact the Graduate School.

Financial Assistance

Some Executive MBA students receive full or partial financial support from their organizations, but many do not and student loans may be available for those who do not receive full financial support. Financial aid comes from a variety of sources, including the federal government, and both public and private sources. These resources may be available to students regardless of income. Your need for financial aid has no bearing on an admissions decision.

Sponsoring companies find that students participating in the Executive MBA Program quickly become more effective, motivated and confident contributors within their organization, and soon realize that the return on investment in the program is immediate. Company financial sponsorship is not required for program admission; however, many applicants find that it is highly beneficial to discuss company sponsorship options early in the application process.

Financial aid is available to Executive MBA students. The University of Memphis Financial Aid Office offers several funding options for Graduate Students. If you are interested in learning more about the steps to apply for financial aid as an Executive MBA student, contact the EMBA office at 901.678.4866 or send an email to emba@memphis.edu.