FCBE Majors and Minors

At the Fogelman College of Business & Economics, we are proud to offer an extensive array of academic degree programs that are designed to teach you the most cutting-edge advancements of your chosen field(s). These courses, which are taught by our globally-renowned faculty, will equip you with the necessary skills for your future professional pursuits. Bottom line – our programs help make you business-ready. We offer a choice between 9 majors, 3 concentrations and 19 minors. Please see our offerings below:

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#1 Best Online School for Accounting

The field of accounting is more dynamic than the staid reputation of number-crunching deskwork that it may have garnered. In truth, accountancy embodies a range of exciting careers and opportunities. It provides fundamental skills for a career path in the fast-paced, dynamic world of business, as well as for entrepreneurship to start your own business. As a universal profession, accountancy also offers geographic freedom — wherever you choose to live, businesses and the private sector will need accountants.

Career Opportunities: Accountant, Budget Analyst, Financial Consultant, Finance Manager, Auditor, Tax Accountant, Forensic Accountant


Business Economics (BBA or BA)

Career Field Expected Growth Rate of 8% through 2028

Many assume that the study of economics is only about finance and the stock market, but in truth, the field is, much broader. Economics delves into the science of human behavior, intersecting such diverse disciplines as law, anthropology, physics, sociology, engineering, history, math, education, medicine, gender, environment and agriculture. A student of economics will tap into all these fields to gain an understanding of how markets function. Organizations in nearly every industry use economic analysis to forecast business and societal trends. As the global economy grows more complex and competitive, the demand for economists with strong analytical skills increases. Companies, such as Amazon and Google, continue to seek economic scholars who are prepared to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving marketplace.

Career Opportunities: Economic Consultant, Credit Analyst, Labor Relations Specialist, Policy Analyst



16% Job Growth Rate for Financial Managers

Do you have an aptitude for math and statistics? Are you also inquisitive, outgoing and able to express your ideas clearly? If so, a finance major may be the right path for you. And if you are intrigued by aspects of residential and commercial properties, then you may choose to focus your concentration in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate. In addition to gaining business acumen, you’ll learn how to creatively solve problems using a number-driven approach. This degree choice prepares you for CFA charter exams and CFP certifications and helps you stand out in inter-university competitions for a vast array of job opportunities.

Career Opportunities: Credit Analyst, Hedge Fund Manager, Financial Advisor, Investment Banker

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Human Resource Management

National Job Growth of 9% through 2030

A BBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) prepares you for a career in managing human resources in private or public organizations, government or nonprofits. As a human resource manager, you will play a key role in hiring, training, development, compensation and employee wellness. Graduating with a major in Human Resource Management makes you immediately employable and readies you for a long career with opportunities for advancement.

Career Opportunities: Employee Relations Manager, Corporate Recruiter, Training and Development Manager, HR Business Partner

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International Business

7% Job Growth Rate for Business Management through 2029

Majoring in International Business provides students with a broad, interdisciplinary education for a career in a global economy and prepares you to work in professional positions in multinational organizations and in different cultural settings.

Career Opportunities: Economist, Human Resources Manager, Management Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Operations Manager

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Ranked #5 in Top Highest-Paying Business Degrees

Leaders are those who socially influence others to achieve common goals. Through our degree programs and areas of study, you’ll acquire the essential skills to be noticed, get things done and drive teams and organizations forward. Every business and nonprofit organization relies on strong management to coordinate their workforce, manage talent, analyze operational systems and improve efficiency. By majoring in Management, you’re positioning yourself for a dynamic career that is always in demand. Furthermore, you’re gaining essential skills that are applicable in any organization across the country and world. While the economy, workplace and workforce are more dynamic than ever, the need for essential skills like effective communication, teamwork, strategic management and performance management remain critical to organizational effectiveness.

Career Opportunities: Management Consultant, Financial Director, Human Resources Manager, Business Analyst, Sales Representative

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Management Information Systems

#2 Top Degrees for the Highest-Paying Business Careers

If a career in one of the most sought-after, growing fields with dynamic job opportunities and enormous earning potential sounds intriguing, then majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS) may be for you. Among the qualities that lead to success in this field are strong communication, problem solving and analytical and critical thinking skills. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, if you can collaborate, organize and lead, then MIS is a path that may suit you well. MIS is the study of how to improve business processes and solve business problems using information/computer systems. Tech and gadget enthusiasts, artists, thinkers, dreamers and realists can all become MIS professionals who make an impact in their field.

Career Opportunities: Computer & Information Research Scientists, Computer Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, Software and Web Developers



#9 Top Highest Paying Business Degrees

Perhaps you tune into the Super Bowl as excited to watch the commercials as the game. Maybe you intuitively rack up social media followers. Or, it may be that you’re analytical, strategic, creative, express your ideas clearly and can embrace the big picture. If these traits speak to you, then consider choosing Marketing as your major. Marketing majors dig deep into consumer behavior and effective marketing strategies while gaining a broad understanding of business fundamentals that apply to many industries. You’ll learn various facets of marketing, including marketing communications, digital and social media strategy, marketing analytics, sales and account management and brand management.

Career Opportunities: Brand Manager, Marketing Analyst, Social Media Manager, Advertising Account Executive, Sales


Supply Chain Management

Median Salary Ranks 32.5% Higher Than National Median Salary

Moving products from point A to point B is not as simple as it seems, and by majoring in Supply Chain Management, you can build a fruitful career with skills that are the backbone of any industry. In this major, you’ll gain insight into the multifaceted aspects of supply chain: sourcing, procurement, operations, transportation and distribution of products. You’ll study how to analyze and design supply chains, identify operational efficiencies and implement cost-saving measures to become a vital part of any organization. FCBE is the ideal training ground for a career in supply chain management, as it sits in the heart of Memphis, a renowned international distribution hub and home to one of the busiest cargo airports in the world.

Career Opportunities: Logistics Director, Operations Manager, Distribution Director, Warehouse Supervisor

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