Undergraduate Graduation


How do I apply to graduate?

  • Log into your myMemphis account.
  • Click on the Student Pages tab.
  • Click on the My Degree tab.
  • Follow steps 1-4 in the Commencement and Graduation box on the left.

I was unable to apply. What do I do now?

Please contact the Graduation Analyst Mark E. Alpuente at malpuent@memphis.edu


What steps do I take if I want to participate in the Commencement ceremony?

CompPlease use the following link to complete to complete the necessary steps to participate in the Commencement ceremony:  https://www.memphis.edu/commencement/apply/index.php.


How do I check my Graduation Status?

You Graduation Status is located on your My Degree tab under Graduation Status.


MGMT 4710 may only be taken by graduating seniors in their final semesters. How do I receive a permit to register for MGMT 4710?

Once you have applied to graduate, the Graduation Analyst will check to see if you are eligible for graduation.  If you are eligible, you will be issued a permit for MGMT 4710 before the first day you can register.  If you request your permit on the day you can register or any day after, your permit request will be completed as soon as possible.


Contact Fogelman's Graduation Analyst for additional questions:

Mark E. Alpuente
Fogelman Administration Building, Room 114