Camp Staff

Executive Board

Allyson Allkins, Executive Director
Zachary Roberts, Director of Programming & Activities
Abigail Hendricks, Director of Marketing & Recruitment
Kourtney Pryor, Director of Counselor Development 


Congratulations to our 2023 counselors!

Lauren Adamson Micah Loftis Coleby Stout
Raegan Bernard Madi Lovelace Kathy Todd
Paige Boyce Jabarey Luster Sam Torti
Ethan Bozeman Julie Mathis Cole Waycaster
Anne Margaret Carithers Jayden Moody David Webster
Carly Carter Johnny Moore Garrett Weinberg
Alex Contreras Bex Moore Jaydn White
Victor Delgadillo Sterling Parson Jaia White
Jackson Gilmore Brandt Peace Q White
Emani Gonga Steven Ross Dylan Whitelaw
Lauryn  Graham Rance Santiago Reagan Williams
Pearson Harris Kennedi Scullark Aleia Wooden
Raphael Jamias Chris Starks Courtney Zoccola
  Chris Stevenson  


Thank you for your interest in Frosh Camp. For any questions, contact froshcamp@memphis.edu