How we started:

The Tennessee Institute for Gambling Education and Research (TIGER) started over two decades ago when we realized that individuals in our community were experiencing gambling related harm, and that assessment and treatment research to address gambling problems was needed. This project is funded by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

From the beginning, TIGER had two interrelated divisions: The Gambling Clinic and The Gambling Lab.

Where we’re at:

The Gambling Clinic offers assistance to those who struggle with gambling. We use evidence-based practice that focuses on:

·      identifying high risk gambling situations

·      developing new thinking strategies about gambling

·      helping individuals find alternatives to gambling that are based on their own values

In the Gambling Lab, we are dedicated to:

·      exploring the many facets of gambling

·      the prevention, assessment, and treatment of gambling problems

Many of our research questions are driven by working with people in The Gambling Clinic. We strive to ask questions in The Gambling Lab that can help us help our clients. Take a look at our brochure for a more in-depth look at our services. 

Where we’re going:

We are developing an online resource center that provides all Tennesseans, including those hesitant to receive therapy, with telehealth and in-person treatment. This project currently funds two separate clinics, one at East Tennessee State University, and one at the University of Memphis. Each clinic currently meets the unique needs of their communities.

The TN Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services also funds our ongoing research projects. Below is a list of our current projects.

-       Expectancies of substance use and gambling

-       Self-awareness of gambling problems and prevalence of gambling problems

-       Efficacy of CBT with gambling amongst different populations

-       Self-exclusion from gambling vendors

In addition to the training opportunities related to gambling treatment and gambling-related research, trainees working with TIGER have the opportunity to gain skills related to:

·      grant management

·      community outreach

·      technology-mediated clinical services

·      cross-institution collaboration

·       and more!

If you are interested in working with TIGER, please contact us via email at gambling@memphis.edu or via phone at (901) 678-3531.

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