Graduate Assistant Meritorious Teaching Awards

These awards acknowledge the importance of the instructional enterprise in the transmission, creation, and application of advanced knowledge by the university. Two awards are made annually to outstanding graduate teaching assistants (TAs) for their skill in transmitting knowledge in the classroom or laboratory.


  • Must have had major responsibility for teaching a lecture or a laboratory course
  • Must have completed at least one full term of teaching
  • Must have the support of the department offering the course

Application Process: Candidates are nominated by faculty, students, or alumni by completing the Nomination Form and submitting it with all required documentation to the Dean of the College in which the student is teaching. Deans will determine a method of selecting no more than two nominees to be forwarded to the Graduate School from that college. Only currently enrolled students may be nominated for this award.

EXCEPTION: The College of Arts and Sciences may forward a maximum of two nominees from each of the following subdivisions: 1) natural, physical, biological, and mathematical sciences, and 2) humanities and social sciences. The selected nominations from each of the colleges are sent to the Teaching Awards Committee appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School. The Awards Committee will review all applicants on the following criteria:

  • Innovations and/or creative approaches to the teaching function
  • Impact of the TA upon student attitudes and/or learning skills
  • Assessment by faculty supervisors and/or others familiar with the TAs teaching ability
  • Evidence of the TAs potential as a scholar

Deadline: Colleges/schools will submit nominees to lsherrng@memphis.edu in the Graduate School, by March 13, 2024.

No teaching award may be made to the same individual more than once in a six-year period.

For further information, call 901.678.4212 or e-mail gradfellowships@memphis.edu.