Graduate Assistant Responsibilities

  • Be sure you have a copy of your contract and fully understand its terms.

  • Graduate Assistant contracts generally require GAs to work a maximum of 20 hours per week for the department generating the contract. GA contract originators may request hours exceeding 20 per week by submitting their contracts to the Graduate School as exceptions.

  • You must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average to continue as a graduate assistant.

  • In order for your tuition and fees to be paid, your contract must reach the Graduate School by the 4th day of classes. It is essential that you provide the department with all relevant information as soon as possible.

  • When the University and Student Business Services Office processes your contract, they pay your tuition and fees. Any services (such as Parking, Financial Aid, or the Recreation Center) that are contingent upon payment of fees have to wait for your contract to reach that office.

  •  For specific fee payment requirements, fee information, deadlines, and penalties, go to the University and Student Business Services Office webpage on Fee Charts and Fee Payment.

  • If you have financial aid, you need to notify the Financial Aid Office because the amount of your loan may need to be adjusted.

  • If you are receiving federal work study as part of your stipend, be sure you fully understand the implications. See the Financial Aid office or the Graduate School for details.

If you are a non-resident alien:

  • You must apply for a social security number as soon as possible.

  • You must give Human Resources a copy of your social security number.

  • After obtaining your social security number, you must see Ms. Senese Duhart, Administration Building 276, to complete a Form W-4 for tax purposes.

  • All GAs must complete an I-9 prior to beginning any work.

Last revised on:  17 August 2021