2022 Graduate Student Research Forum Award Winners

Congratulations to the following Graduate Student Winners!

1st: LeRoy Conway III
2nd:  Ava Valimoghadam Zanjani

1st: Luke Walden (Justine Piontek)
2nd: Majed Alsulami

1st: Christine Assadollahi
2nd: Gholamreza Bonyadinejad
2nd: Sarah Brasher

Liberal and Fine Arts
1st: Cordara Harper
2nd: Bakheet Almatrafi

Life and Health Sciences
1st:  Namuum Batbaatar
2nd:  Christy Dyer

Math and Computer Sciences
1st: Sovanlal Mondal
2nd:  Madhumita Roy

Physical and Applied Sciences
1st: Brian Hoffman
2nd:  Rachel Wiley

Social and Behavioral Sciences
1st:  Anna Liley
2nd:  Janine Peca