Crews Center for Entrepreneurship - Student Testimonials

Crews Center

Learn how the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship can catapult your career!

The Crews Center for Entrepreneurship exists to inspire, educate, develop and support both aspiring and active student entrepreneurs. The center is open to all UofM students – not just business majors. 
The flagship program, ImagineU, is a one-of-a-kind, 12-week initiative. Students in the program receive hands-on mentorship and training to fine-tune their entrepreneurial vision and develop a professional pitch they can use to launch their venture idea. These students also receive monetary stipends to support their efforts!
Additionally, the array of programs offered at the Crews Center help students stand out to potential employers. If you have an innovative mindset and are looking to enhance your résumé, look no further!  
Don't just take our word for it. Listen first-hand to a few of our students as they reflect on their experiences at the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship.

Carl Bledsoe Jr.
African & African American Studies Major | Spanish Minor
Carl shares how he became a more well-rounded, confident and connected person through his participation with the Crews Center.

Lupe Girón
Business Management Major | Finance Minor
Lupe discusses the rewards of creating the Hispanic Business Association through her involvement with the Crews Center and the valuable relationships she was able to cultivate.

Lydia Haworth
Business Management Major
Lydia talks about the benefits of the Crews Center's immersive learning techniques and how the hands-on approach made her business-ready. 

Sahitya Buddharaju
Master of Science in Information Systems
Sahitya speaks to how the ImagineU program enhanced her confidence and helped set her apart from the competition during interviews for potential internships.

To get involved, email CrewsCenter@memphis.edu