Dissertation Defense Announcement

The Fogelman College of Business and Economy announces the final Dissertation of

Xiaohui You

for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

August 09, 2016 at 10:00 am in FCBE

 Advisor: Albert A Okunade, PhD

Essays in Health Economics

ABSTRACT: This dissertation research consists of three essays in health economics. The first essay is an analysis of Australia's healthcare expenditures based on aggregate time-series data, 1971-2011, using unit root and cointegration tests. The second essay presents econometric estimates of the short- and long- run effects of income and technology proxy on healthcare expenditures using 1991-2009 US state level data and alternative panel cointegration techniques. The third essay examines the association of two important personal health factors -gaining employment and healthy status- of U.S. working-age individuals and their prescription drug utilization and expenditures, using Medical Expenditure Panel Survey data for 2007-2012.