Thesis Defense Announcement

College of Communication and Fine Arts announces the Final Thesis Defense of

Dakota Wyatt

for the Degree of Master of Architecture

February 24, 2020 at 11:30 AM in Jones Hall, Room 107

Advisor: James F Williamson

The HUB: Bringing the People in Binghampton Together through Design

ABSTRACT: Architecture should go beyond the requirement to preserve human health, safety, and welfare. Architects have the ability and therefore responsibility to manifest architecture that heals people and communities in every sense of the word. This thesis studies and implements two proven ways to achieve this. The first way is through the process of design and construction to build something by the community, for the community that brings ownership, identity, and dignity to the project and therefore connects the community members together. Secondly, by giving people more access to nature with the theories of biophilic design, architecture is able to improve the well-being of its users and expedite healing. This is executed through the design of a community hub with varying uses which aims to be a shared location for human interaction and community growth, This project is located in Binghampton, Memphis, Tennessee—an area that is healing from past social and economic struggle.