Thesis Defense Announcement

The College of Communication and Fine Arts announces the final Thesis Defense of

Priya Kharel

for the degree of Master of Architecture

March 14, 2018 at 11:30 AM in Jones Hall 107

Advisor: Michael K. Chisamore

AN ARCHITECTURE BEYOND THE WALLS: Aligning mind, body, and soul for human connection

ABSTRACT: The pace of urbanization is deepening a sense of social isolation. The brutality of urban settings allows limited access to nature resulting in stress, anxiety, and depression among city dwellers. To bridge the gap of human disconnection, this thesis project proposes an architecture of connection: A connection of mind, body, and soul, with nature as the medium being the medium. This connection is achieved by actively designing for senses in order to reconnect city dwellers with the built environment. Architecture has the power to astound us. Architecture with nature at its heart can produce a beautiful way of living. To understand this lived experience, phenomenological architecture is discussed, and as presented the specific approach to reestablish a connection between architecture and emotion. This project aims for the spiritual awakening of human beings through architecture. By reconnecting that a true connection between humans can be established if they are properly connected with themselves.