Dissertation Defense Announcement

 College of Education announces the Final Dissertation Defense of

Amy Cable

for the Degree of Doctor of Education

June 14, 2019 at 03:00 PM Online- Blue Jeans

Advisor: Donna Menke

The Perceptions of Online Degree Programs: An Instrumental Case Study of Two-Year Community Colleges in Louisiana

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this mix-method, instrumental case study case study was to understand the hiring process within higher education and to understand the impact distance education and online degree education has on the hiring process within community colleges in Louisiana. The participants in the study were surveyed and interviewed; during the interview process, the researcher attempted to understand the impact online education has on the hiring process within higher education. A one- way ANOVA and thematic analysis were methods used to analyze the survey and interview data. Eight themes emerged through thematic analysis. Experience is the most important factor in the hiring process; Education is the foundation for obtaining employment; Applicant Fit; Personal experience impacts perception; Online education is gaining positive traction; Accreditation and reputation create a viable online degree programs; Stigma still exists but is waning; Online education does not impact the hiring process. The study showed online degree programs have minimal impact on the hiring process in higher education.