Dissertation Defense Announcement

The College of Education announces the Final Dissertation of

Bobby White

for the Degree of Doctor of Education

April 2, 2018 at 8:30 AM in Ball Hall

Advisor: Beverly Cross

The Charter School Movement as a Form of White Supremacy: A Discourse Analysis of State and Federal Educational Policies and How they further segregate.

ABSTRACT: Abstract Charter schools have become a mainstay in the American Education system. Low academic performance, school safety concerns and an overall decrease in positive perception of many traditional public schools around the country have led to an atmosphere of acceptance as part of the solution to what ails public education. The growth of this movement has led to a body of research around charter school impact. Much of the charter school growth has been driven by policies created over the past 20 years. One major unintended outcome of the movement has been the increase in school segregation. One researcher admonishes that government should not exacerbate the problem of segregation by ignoring the unintended consequences of its policies. The purpose of this study is to examine how charter schools further segregation. In an era where a quality education is of the utmost importance for low-income students of color, coupled with the idea that racial diversity serves as an aspect of educational quality, we must look at policies that are counter-intuitive. This study adds to the body of research that informs the education profession about ways legislation has furthered segregation. This study contributed to the literature by illuminating the segregation that is perpetuated by the federal policies NCLB and RTTT. In essence this study examined how the lack of intentionality to diversity in the policies have led to increasing and creating an ever growing number of segregated charter schools in America.