Dissertation Defense Announcement

The Herff College of Engineering announces the final dissertation defense of

James Sheppard

for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

June 30, 2016 at 3:00 pm in 200, Engineering Technology Building


Major Advisor: Erno Lindner, PhD

Voltammetric Determination of Diffusion and Partition Coefficients in Organic Solutions and Polymeric Membranes

ABSTRACT: For feedback-controlled monitoring of the anesthetic drug "propofol", a sensor with a plasticized PVC membrane coating has been previously described. To quantitative assess sensor response, diffusion coefficient (Dm) and membrane / aqueous partition coefficient (Pma) values for both propofol and potential interferents (e.g. acetaminophen, etc.) in the membrane should be known. Planar electrochemical cells (PECs) were used to voltammetrically measure the Dm in membranes pre-loaded with a known concentration of analyte. A portion of the analyte was then removed by aqueous extraction and PECs were used to measure post-partition concentration. Pma was calculated from pre-partition and post-partition concentrations.