Thesis Defense Announcement

The School of Health Studies announces the Final Thesis of

Daniel Hirst

for the Degree of Master of Science

October 30, 2018 at 10:00 AM in Field House, Room 162

Advisor: Sara Foley

Effect of Nutrition Education on Dietary Behaviors in Elementary School-aged

ABSTRACT: In this study, we analyzed the effect of nutrition education on dietary behaviors in elementary school-aged children. Our research questions were: 'Does nutrition education over a one-week program increase consumption of fruits and vegetables?', and 'Does nutrition education over a one-week program increase acceptance of novel foods?'. Our hypothesis was that nutrition education administered in a one-week program will increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as increase willingness to try new foods. We addressed these questions using surveys, the Fruit-Vegetable-Fiber Screener, and the Food Neophobia Scale; these were given prior to Camp CHEF as well as one month after camp concluded. A paired T-test found one question on each survey achieved statistical significance (p<0.05), but many questions had a large effect size measured by Cohen's D. Based on these findings, we conclude that nutrition education had a higher effect on fruit and vegetable intake than food neophobia.