University of Memphis Graduate Student Spotlight: Chetna Tiwari

Chetna TiwariNavigating the intricate terrain of graduate student life requires a delicate balance, and Chetna Tiwari not only masters this juggling act but also showcases that it's feasible to handle the intricacies of academia while steering through the demands of a bustling personal and professional life. Hailing from the enchanting city of Agra, India, known for the iconic Taj Mahal, Chetna brings her international essence to the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. Chetna's academic journey commenced at Symbiosis International University in Pune, India, culminating in her graduation in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, with a specialization in Advertising. Along this path, she embarked on impactful internships at renowned establishments like Ogilvy, India, Group M, and the Delhi International Airport.

Love for The University of Memphis: Currently a full-time graduate student in the Master’s in Journalism and Strategic Media program at UofM, Chetna's core focus lies in Strategic Media. Chetna chose UofM for its unique and diverse Master’s in Journalism and Strategic Media program, offering flexibility to navigate through areas of interest, be it journalism, visual media, or integrated strategic media. Dr. Matthew Haught's Entrepreneurial Media and Dr. Jasper Fessmann's Global Strategic Communications top the list of favorite professors and classes. 

Impactful UofM Moments: From contributing as a graduate assistant at the Center for International Education Services to taking on the role of Vice President at the International Student Association, Chetna cherishes experiences like hosting Halloween and Diwali events. Witnessing her first football game solidified the unique bond of being a #Tiger.

The Juggling Act: As a newlywed navigating a long-distance relationship, Chetna is a testament to the art of balancing a full-Chetna Tiwaritime graduate program, pro-bono consulting for clients in the Asia-Pacific market, and personal hobbies like sketching and curating Spotify playlists.

Noteworthy Achievements: Chetna shines as a Graduate Assistant at the JRSM department, excelling in research on public interest communications and contributing to student services. Her advertising journey boasts collaborations with renowned brands like Google, YouTube, TikTok, Skechers, and more. Notably, campaigns like #SearchForChange for Google India received accolades for Diversity & Inclusion and Influencer Marketing. The #MatKarForward campaign for TikTok, targeting disinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic, amassed over 3 Billion views.

Words of Wisdom for Fellow Grad Students:

  1. Balance is Key: Value extends beyond career or degree; cherish contributions from family, friends, and colleagues.
  2. Plan Your Calendar: Finding time for yourself is crucial; stay focused and adopt effective study techniques.
  3. Stay Hydrated: Iced coffee alone won't cut it – hydration is key!

A Day in the Life: Commencing the day at 6 AM, Chetna strategically juggles tasks as a Graduate Assistant, attends classes, and dedicates evenings to study sessions. Adequate sleep ensures a productive routine.

Chetna TiwariFuture Aspirations: Post-graduation, Chetna envisions a career in brand strategy and strategic communications within the consumer brands space.

A Life-Changing Moment: Chetna reflects on her mother's unwavering support and encouragement to step out of her comfort zone. Boarding a train alone at 18, she embarked on a transformative journey, and her mother's resilience continues to inspire her.

Chetna Tiwari is not just a student; she is a dynamic force blending academia, creativity, and global perspectives.